Within the framework of a collaboration between Dunes Project and the High School of Palmela (Setúbal, Portugal), it took place in October of 2022 a presentation of the project Dunes and the team members to the student community. This collaboration was possible thanks to the initiative and contact of Odília Freitas, teacher in the High School of Palmela, to whom we are very grateful!


“Telling stories of Dunes in the School” is the motto and now they can explore the subject of dunes by the scope of several disciplines. After their work and projects, the team of Dunes will join the students for a field trip to the dunes of Caparica (Setúbal, Portugal).


It is an immense pride and pleasure for us to see bring the project Dunes to this school community.

This is a collaboration initiated by us to increase dune literacy, essential to enlarge and protect our natural heritage.

“Telling Stories of Dunes in the School” is an initiative started in 2021/2022 together with teacher Ana Paula Lima at Padre António Vieira High School in Alvalade. In this new academic year (2022/2023) other schools will join us: Escola Secundária de Palmela and Brazilian schools, will be guided by the hand of teachers who decided to join us.


Newsletter of the Escola Secundária de Palmela (October 2022) – page 11 article about the event and the project Dunes written by the teacher Odília Freitas: