News & Events


XII Meeting of the Network BRASPOR in João Pessoa (BR)

2022-11-07 November 2022

Master in Teaching History (School of Arts and Humanities at UniLisbon)

2022-10-31 (Português) Outubro 2022

Conversation and seminar State High School Luiz Viana Filho

2022-10-31 October 2022

Seminar in the State University of Ceara (BR)

2022-10-31 November 2022

Portuguese Tv show Biosphere Conservation of Dunes

2022-10-17 October 2022

The Dunes go to the High School of Palmela (PT)

2022-10-14 October 2022

The Dunes go to School Padre António Vieira in Alvalade (Lx, PT)

2022-10-14 May 2022

F.I.C.A. 2022

2022-10-06 The F.I.C.A. – International Festival of Science of 2022 takes place in Porto Salvo, Oeiras from 10th to 16th of October.   The team of Dunes organizes an activity with lego bricks/toys and sand to simulate different scenarios of coastal dynamics. The activity happens in the morning of the 13 of October.    

ERCEA PI Centric Event

2022-09-29 September 2022

Dunes Fabric

2022-09-26 September 2022

European Research Night 2022

2022-09-26 September 2022

90 Seconds of Science – podcast

2022-08-01 July 2022

Magazine of the University of Lisbon

2022-07-14 July 2022

Conference ESEH 2022 in Bristol

2022-07-04 July 2022

Sand in the portuguese newspaper Observador

2022-07-04 July 2022

Manifesto: Humanities 4 the Ocean

2022-07-04 June 2022

First edition of the Scientific Journeys of the University of Lisbon

2022-07-04 June 2022

Conference TPTI “The Dunes of the South of the Iberian Peninsula”

2022-05-20 May 2022

Seminar “Sea, Sand, People: Pulling Dunes out of the Archives”

2022-05-16 May 2022

Seminar “Challenge of Climate Change in Island Regions”

2022-05-03 May 2022

III Congress of the Spanish Network of Environmental History – RUED(H)A

2022-05-03 May 2022

Science Meeting 2022

2022-05-03 May 2022

Seminar “The dunes and the Climate Crises”

2022-05-03 May 2022

III International Meeting Histories of Nature and Environments: More Than Just Biodiversity

2022-03-16 Novembro 2022

Building Landscapes: the dunes as infrastructures

2022-01-20 January 2022

Conference 25 years of the Portuguese Funding Agency for Science & Technology (FCT)

2022-01-12 January 2022

New Publication “Dune(s): Fiction, history, and science on the Oregon coast”

2021-12-31 December 2021

New Article “Climate Variability & Anthropogenic Actions as Drivers for Aeolian Activity during the Last MILLENNIUM in South-Western Europe: A Case Study on the Portuguese Coast”

2021-12-27 December 2021

Colonial Coasts Seminar

2021-12-15 October 2021

Article “The Addiction of Dunes” (portuguese only)

2021-11-29 November 2021

Conference “From the continental shelf to the abyss: an environmental history of the deep sea / Du plateau continental aux abysses: une histoire environnementale de la mer par le fond”

2021-11-26 December 2021

Our research paper about the history of the dunes of Caparica (PT) was published

2021-11-25 November 2021

Ryan Tucker Jones gives guest seminar about his book on environmental history, whales and migrations

2021-11-16 May 2022

The Port of the City: The Guardamar del Segura Dunes

2021-10-29 October 2021

Master Program in Applied Ecohydrology

2021-10-20 October 2021

Editorial Journal Coastal Studies & Society

2021-10-11 October 2021

XI Meeting of the BRASPOR Network

2021-09-27 October 2021

Trento Conference: Environment and Infrastructures from the Early Modern Period to the Present

2021-09-16 September 2021

European Researchers’ Night 2021

2021-09-14 September 2021

Seminar SEA US 2021

2021-09-14 September 2021